Recent Projects

Utilities The Seasons Condominiums at Murphy’s Mill Rd., Suffolk, VA
Developer: Powell Development

Complete site development package at this 6 acre site. Work includes clearing, demolition, installation of roads and parking, installation of building pads, deep sewer connection, water and sewer service to 40 condo units and storm drain facilities including 8 Filtera structures for stormwater management.

Seal Heritage Building Seal Heritage Building, Little Creek Amphibious Base, Virginia Beach, VA
General Contractor: Raven Construction

Full site development package at this building to be devoted to recognizing current and former Navy Seals. Work includes clearing, building pad installation, construction of parking lot, domestic and fire water lines, sewer pump station, and sewer gravity and force main lines, storm drain pipes and structures and all necessary site concrete including curb and gutter and sidewalks.

Titan America Suffolk Plant Titan America Ready Mix Plant, Suffolk, VA
Owner: Titan America

Full site development package for this new concrete plant. Work included construction of entrance road, parking lot, BMP pond, and Off-site turn lane. Items performed in-house included excavation, grading, water and sanitary sewer service, storm drainage and curb and gutter installation.

Kramer Tire Kramer Tire Facility, Edinburgh Commons, Chesapeake, VA
General Contractor: C.W. Brinkley

Complete site package for a retail tire sales and service facility. Work included parking lot construction, water and sewer service, storm drainage and site concrete.

Plummer Blvd Plummer Blvd./Town Point Rd., Suffolk, VA
General Contractor: Branscome, Inc.

Work included site concrete for 1 new and 1 existing roadway. Concrete items completed were Slipformed Curb and Gutter, Slipformed and handformed sidewalks, entrance ways and handicap ramps.

Eden Way Various R/W Improvements for the City of Chesapeake
Owner: City of Chesapeake Public Works Dept

This is an ongoing multiple year contract to perform various small to medium projects for this municipality. Projects include turn lane installation/improvements at Greenbrier Parkway, Volvo Parkway and Eden Way South. Other projects involve parking lot installation, curb and gutter replacement, storm drainage improvements and a multitude of other varying tasks. The city has elected to renew this contract with Bissette Construction each year that is allowed (every year since 2002 under two separate contracts).

Box Culvert Installation Kraft Facility Improvements, Suffolk, VA
General Contractor: Northwest Contractors

This was a site utility contract which included water mains and services, sanitary sewer alterations, and storm drain improvements including piping, structures and installation of a large box culvert.

Eagle Harbor Apts Eagle Harbor Apartments, Isle of Wight, VA
General Contractor: E.V. Williams

This was a site utility and site concrete contract totaling over $1,000,000. Work included installation of water and sewer services to all apartments, storm drain facilities to accommodate parking and roadway and maintain existing storm water flows Site concrete included slipformed curb and gutter and sidewalks.

Other Recently Completed Projects:

  • Northern Village – 7 lot Residential Subdivision
    Virginia Beach, VA
  • Indian River Baptist Church Parking Lot Upgrade and Addition
    Chesapeake, VA
  • Adderly Street Warehouse Site Work Package
    Norfolk, VA
  • Navy Federal Credit Union Site Work Package
    Virginia Beach, VA

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