Site Work Services: Bissette Construction offers full site development, specializing in Utilities, Concrete, and Earthwork. We have the ability to meet whatever site construction needs you might have on commercial, industrial, residential and municipal projects.
We offer:

  • Sitework Packages for Commercial, Industrial, Residential and Municipal Projects
  • Turnkey Parking Lot Construction

In-House Services performed individually or as part of a site package:

  • Utility Infrastructure for road, street and parking lot construction
    • Water: Water mains, services and fire mains
    • Sanitary Sewer: Gravity sewers, force mains, pump stations
    • Storm Drain Facilities including piping, structures and BMP’s
  • Concrete for road, street, and parking lot construction
    • Slipformed curb and gutter (concrete specialty)
    • Sidewalks and handicap ramps
    • Concrete Paving
  • Earthwork for Construction of roadways and commercial facilities
    • Grading of roadways and parking lots
    • Excavation for site and road projects including BMP’s, swales, and berms
    • Building Pad Installation
    • Stone paving base
  • Demolition, Clearing and Asphalt Paving
    • Bissette contracts with quality local subcontractors when needed to complete these activities and provide the owner/developer with a turnkey site project.

Bissette Construction holds a Virginia Class A Heavy/Highway Contractors License

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