Bissette Construction Corporation

Who We Are

Since 1971, Bissette Construction Company has become one of the most recognized and trusted site construction companies in Chesapeake and the Hampton Roads area. Using a civil engineering perspective, we specialize in utility, earthwork, and concrete construction for the development of commercial facilities, residential subdivisions and various municipal projects. We use our experience and engineering background to provide an economical, high-quality site that will stand the test of time.



Apply With Us

Bissette Construction offers a wide variety of employment opportunities in the site construction field. We intend to hire responsible people with a strong desire to contribute to the work team while improving their own skills and industry knowledge. We employ every position from highly-trained operators and finishers to truck drivers to skilled laborers to inexperienced first-time laborers who may be looking to learn a new trade.



“We have worked with Bissette Construction for over 10 years and will continue to work with them because of their commitment to quality while staying on schedule. They have always done what they say, and in this business that means everything.”

Mark Brinkley 
C.W. Brinkley

Bissette Construction has provided outstanding construction services to the City of Chesapeake since 2002. They have completed numerous right-of-way improvements throughout the City and have proven themselves to be a very responsive contractor who is recognized for the quality of their work. Mark and his staff are always professional and offer a great value to the citizens of Chesapeake.

Rob Matkins
City of Chesapeake


Bissette Construction has recently acquired all equipment and vehicle assets from Precision Pipe Inc.  Precision’s employees have joined forces with Bissette’s current crews giving our company a total of 4 experienced Utility Crews, to go along with our earthwork and concrete operations.  This expertise will enable our company to tackle larger projects while continuing to give our customers the excellent service both companies are known for.…